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This blog is intended to be a bit of a sanity saver. After going to the orthodontist out of pure vanity, turns out I actually need to have jaw surgery to prevent a whole host of health problems later on in life. In a couple of years I will be having my lower jaw surgically broken and brought forward, (it sounds so hardcore writing it down). This blog will be my way of documenting all the procedures leading up to the surgery and hopefully it can help others going through the same thing.

Extra…but not in a good way

It's been a while since I have posted, been busy with work and stuff. Since the last time I posted I have had my other two teeth out, which actually wasn't nearly as bad as the first two. I actually quite liked the surgeon, think an eccentric Nigel Havers, he said he...

Brace in your face

Brace in your face

Braces went on today. As ever my morning was chaotic so I ended up skipping breakfast. Dropped kids off and made our way to the L&D, realised eating post braces will be horrific so thought a last supper - if you like was in order, surely there was enough time? No,...

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