It’s been a while since I have posted, been busy with work and stuff. Since the last time I posted I have had my other two teeth out, which actually wasn’t nearly as bad as the first two. I actually quite liked the surgeon, think an eccentric Nigel Havers, he said he though I was the “coolest patient ever” think possibly I was a little errr, medicated. Not sure what his excuse is..

Visited the L&D Thursday hoping to jump the queue and get the top brace on…not happening. I was trying next level banter and he’s like nope, but I made them all laugh so that’s something. Don’t get me wrong I am in no hurry to have the surgery but I do want to just get it over and done with.

I did however emerge with an “extra” where my teeth have been pulled I have gaps, as my bottom teeth are effectively being pulled forward the two random back ones now need to catch up with the rest and bridge the gap, so I have been fitted with these metal loops that attach around my back molars and then link via 2cm or so of wire to the rest of my teeth on both sides. All done and dusted, it was half term so I took kids to Milton keynes for a treat and I had some retail therapy in Victoria’s Secret. Then once got home, went to teach my spin class and other than being a bit lispy I was fine.

24 hrs later…OMG the pain!

It’s like all the teeth on my bottom jaw are coming through at once it’s so tender, desperate to bite on something but I CAN’T BITE ANYTHING! My cheekbones, my jaw HOT FIRE FLAMES. Major stuff is happening, my ears inexplicably blocked, my face looks a little different, so I am legit s***ing myself about the surgery. If I am finding this painful how am I going to cope with the surgery. I am still massively self conscious, but I am seeing results and I don’t regret it. I am in awe of the mechanics of the whole thing how I have had the “wrong” face all these years. I have been assured I won’t look that differnt and any changes will be positive but I am still a little apprehensive, what if having a little jaw has affected the way the rest of me has grown, will I want to fix that too. I think also the whole why didn’t I do this sooner thing is messing with me a little too. Truth is before the kids I was terrified of going under the knife, now not so much, funny really.

So top brace still going on in early July, I think then it will all seem inevitable and real to me. I might be brave enough to do photos but let’s see. Feel like I need to document this stuff as it’s all pretty life changing.