Braces went on today. As ever my morning was chaotic so I ended up skipping breakfast. Dropped kids off and made our way to the L&D, realised eating post braces will be horrific so thought a last supper – if you like was in order, surely there was enough time? No, there was not. Progressively getting more and more panicked, I did a “george michael” and jumped out the car at some lights near the hospital, luckily we made it off the M1. J who hates driving my sporty little Abarth had to dash around as I was gone hahahahah! Anyway RAN to the unit and fell up fthe god damn stairs, bashed knee, bashed pride! The receptionist was like “are you ok? my mate did that last week” my leg could be hanging off and I’d be like “yeah babe I’m fine” I felt oddly relieved it seemed to happen often 🙂

So on to the braces. That was all fine, just the bottom went on yesterday. Top goes on July, I am so impatient I have already looked at way to jump the queue – wasn’t happening yersterday. I think I just feel that I have waited sooo long for this, as lucky as I am to get this surgery I am keen to start laughing without covering my mouth, you know actual gafawing, if that is a word? Smiling in pics instead of pouting and looking like a miserable cow. SO at the moment they go on in July.

I got a choice of bracket colours, I went for baby pink. The orthodontist said “you’re embracing it” I said “ooh a play on words – like it” he just looked at me, after that I just stopped talking. The process it’self took half an hour or so. They use a UV lamp I think to set the glue, sort of like getting my nails done. All happened fast and then that was that. So pain wise, it’s OK, it feels tight, they say this will go, I have been given orthodontic wax which stops it all cutting my lip. I have instructions on what I can eat. The lady was nice, she said no more red wine, I said is vodka OK? She said yes it’s colourless go for it!

The eating – This has been tougher than I imagined tbh. I felt bad for putting all the stress on J so offered an concillatory Nando’s. I literally couldn’t chew anything, just kinda gummed at it, the rice was fine, swallowed whole PMSL. I need to get a grip. When I have the jaw surgery, no solids at all.

Taught my spin class Thursday – love these guys, thought it was better just to throw it out there. One of my ladies was like “don’t dribble” “I can’t tell” then “you’ll get used to it” bless her, my fave comment was finally you can get your little chin sorted!!!!! Powered though, kind of lifted me a bit, I’m on antibiotics for something else, so seeing all these wonderful people come together and sweat wth me made me feel oddly supported. The instructor that teaches either side of me is a lovely lady and she said I looked fed up, I do wonder if my lip coming out a bit might make me look a bt sadder ahaahahah, but I was fed up, realisation of how long and ugly the process is hit home I think.

But, it;’s happening, last thing I can’t fix myself final piece of the puzzle and all that.